Themify Themes WordPress

Themify Themes WordPress

Themify Themes WordPress – sweepstakes that I won. I was browsing on my email on black Friday and I saw an email from Themify which I am a loyal fan of. I saw some great deals like the Builder Plugin at 50% off plus addons which I really wanted. I bought them and when viewing this item I saw a sweepstakes if I register and share a link I was going to be a part of it and hopefully win?

I have never won anything and three days later Themify contacted me that I was one of the 10 person chosen and I had won the Master Membership. Wow, I could not believe it, yes I won that membership. I am a real fan of themify because they have great products. I usually don’t write about this stuff or another companies website or business but hey; they awarded me something so the least I can do with you is share my winning.

Themify Master Plan

Now I am part of the Master Membership where you can download all and everything from their website for one year plus all updates for that one year. This is great for any Webmaster or anyone who likes building websites. They have nice professional constructed plugins and WordPress Themes.

I still can’t believe I won this sweepstakes cause like I said; I have never won anything so I am guessing from here on I will start winning. I am very pleased with Themify for awarding me this prize because it really means a lot to me. I previously bought all their products but now I can also download all PSD files plus new themes they have. If they create a new theme or new builder I can also download on that one year. So hey I recommend Themify because I never had an issue with them and they have great products which I am able to use.

WordPress Website Themes

They have WordPress Themes and nice Plugins like the builder plugin drag and drop design on any theme.Themify Themes WordPress is the best we can do for you.

-Themify Themes WordPress

Health Tip:

Gluten yes Gluten can cause us to be sick. Wheat contains gluten and a lot of bread. Person with Celiac disease can’t eat gluten because gluten makes us sick. Some people are allergic to gluten and suffer way too much. Many doctor’s is very difficult to diagnose celiac disease. Only way that is 100% if you do an endoscopy. Celiac disease can kill you in the long term because it can give cancer to the intestines and to our blood.

Lymphoma cancer is one of the deadliest if left untreated. Be very careful what you eat cause you might not even know that you have gluten intolerance or allergies or have the Celiac disease.

Celiac disease has over 200 hundred symptoms and is very hard to diagnose. It damages your nerves, muscles, high blood pressure. The white cells attacks you once gluten is in your system. It attacks the villi in your intestines and damages your food vitamins and process once you have eaten. If you have pins and needles or like electric shocks like a burning sensation on your feet or hands head pressure and rapid heart palpitations these might be a symptom.

Dangers of Stress Work Place

Electricity pins and needles whole body yes is a symptom. I know many people have no idea this exist cause they have never experience it and might think you are crazy and all is in your head. Guess what we are not crazy cause I been feeling that for over some time now. Working in a stressful place can do this to you. Change your job immediately if you experience these symptoms while on your day of work.

I have getting sick 2 or 3 hours later when I eat start feeling those symptoms but getting better just watching what I eat. Stay off the gluten like bread, beans, tortillas and just eat healthy, Stay fit and healthy drink lots of water and do exercise please.


Post Update: 5/29/20 I want to say that I still use Themify and I do recommend it. It has made my life a lot easier to build website and also do them super fast. I want to share with you a link here to sign up and purchase their themes and plugins. It is one of the best investment you could ever make. Go ahead and buy it today. 

It is the best theme and website builder I found till now. More than ten years using it! Plus I want to also say that stress can ruin your health. Try your best to be stress free, eat healthy and do lots of exercise and drink lots water. If you are in a place where stress is number one; please consider changing your career and your job ASAP!

We only live once and just make the best of it. If you handle your stress level and also air contamination you will be OK. Your air quality should be good at your work place. I used to work in a contaminated ink and paint air and now I am a whole lot better.

Changed my job to a better place and stress free and my health is a whole lot better!